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Resize images effortlessly with powerful and smart Resize Your Picture
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Bred Tan

Resize images effortlessly with powerful and smart Resize Your Picture. It is powerful image resizing software which gives you the ability to resize the images as per your need. Easily browse all the images, export large size pictures from digital cameras, send and share them with your family and friends, and edit them accordingly. The best about of this tool is that it displays all the related properties of the selected image. The tool is very simple to use and provides image resizing and image rotation options. With these options, you can change height and width of the image by percent and pixel, resize as your desktop size, use flip horizontal options, set and changes DPI of the image and so on. You can opt ‘set as default option to automatically resize your photographs, or select ‘resize and mail’ mode to mail pictures after resizing. You can resize multiple graphic formats Bitmap file, GIF, ICON, PNG, TIFF, and PCX. Over the versions, the tool has been upgraded and improved with much new functionality.

Venugopal Naidu
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